Friday Favorites // Feb 9th



In honor of it being almost Valentine's day I made a list of my favorite items at Madewell (just in case my husband reads this). I am in LOVE with the Transport Bag because it goes with everything and can carry around all my floor plans, kid snacks, and whatever else I might need in a day. I am often running between job sites, the office and grabbing kids at school so I tend to dress more casual during the day (which Madewell makes it easy to be comfortable and stylish). Enjoy! The links below are affiliate links, this means that at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you make a purchase. 


My list this week is all about staying warm. I have a trip to the mountains coming soon and this is what I am packing! Absolutely love the Nordic Boots from J Crew. They are so cozy and comfortable and pair well with my toothpick jeans and cable knit sweater. Have a wonderful week!