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1. Can you tell us about your background and photography business?

Originally from California’s gorgeous Central Coast, I’ve been lucky enough to call Coronado, CA home for the last 9 years. My first career was an ER Nurse. I loved seeing that human connection and vulnerability and have been able to use that same compassion to tell my clients stories through powerful images. When I’m not shooting I love hiking with my kiddos, paddle boarding with my girlfriends, and checking out the latest eateries with my Husband. We love to travel as a family and I am able to offer sessions where we go. It’s a great was to explore a new area and really see the areas that aren’t so popular wherever we go. I started my business shortly after I moved here and have met so many amazing people in Coronado because of it. I feel super lucky to love what I am doing and the opportunity to connect with people on a personal level.

2. What was your first camera?

I was given an M&M 120 film camera in my stocking one year for Christmas and thought it was the best gift ever! I wish I still had it, but after a few moves it disappeared.


3. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

he best part is hearing my clients story. Some are just starting out and have that fire to share their love with the world, some are celebrating a milestone and reconnecting, some have been diagnosed and want people to remember them as they are now and some of them are huge family gatherings at the Hotel Del and they finally have all of their family in one spot. Each and every session is so different because I choose to delve deeper, to connect, to listen. This allows me to truly share who they are and to authentically tell their story.

4. What was the biggest challenge starting your own business?

The hardest part of starting my business was learning how to balance family life and work. As a creative, I love the shooting, editing and styling of my projects, but I don’t care to be on the computer for hours a week updating my website, invoicing, etc. Learning how to market, time manage, edit, and all the aspects of owning my own business was so challenging and I learned early on how to balance it all pretty well.  I take on a few mentorships per year and love teaching a newer photographer the tricks and ways to be successful in all areas of photography. You can have a rad business, AND a great family life.


5. What is your favorite thing to photograph? (Besides Bungalow 56 Projects)

That is one tough question. I would say that families with a few young kids are my favorite currently. They are so playful and full of wonder. They are old enough to take direction and really connect and not too cool to wrap their arms around their Momma’s neck or play tag for fun action shot.

6. Any tips on how to take the perfect iphone photo?

Always search for good light and don’t be afraid to get close, to share the details and really tell a story. (I’m not talking selfies here.) Make it interesting with different lines or change your shooting height too. It creates a new perspective and we can all use a little bit more of that.


7. Do you have any amazing photoshoot outtake stories?

My sessions on the waters edge are always good for some hilarious outtakes! I love the look of water coming up in the edge of my image or enveloping my subjects. The picture I want is perfect, but the ones right after are comedic gold! Salt water up the nose never feels good, right?

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