how to buy vintage rugs

Design 101 // Vintage Rugs



There is just something so enticing about a good vintage rug. The subtle worn corners and muted colors with pops of vibrant knots weaved through-out tell a story of old and new. Imagining where a rug has been and the story it could tell is part of the intrigue. Our all time favorite vintage rug is a good Oushak rug. They can be seen in many of our projects styled in kitchens, bathroom and entry ways. Their muted color tones and subtle patterns make the fit seamlessly into any space. These rugs aren't as expensive as some of the Persian and Turkish vintage rugs and we find that they are a perfect fit for budgets and busy lifestyles of our clients. 


Vintage rugs provide a much needed softness, texture and pattern into spaces that are saturated with hard surfaces (i.e. kitchens and bathrooms). Another great place to incorporate a vintage rug is down a long hallway. It adds instant character and charm. 

We are firm believers that homes should be lived in and enjoyed so we always recommend purchasing a rug you love but at a price point that you won't be afraid to utilize in the main spaces of your home. If they are in a high traffic area of the home we suggest having them cleaned every couple of years by a professional, who can also mend any fraying edges. Keeping a little card on file with what type of rug, what year it was made, and where it was purchased is a fun way to continue the legacy of the rug and it's vintage story.