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Design 101 // Sustainable Products


Styling a kitchen so that the pieces are beautiful and functional is sometimes a challenge. The ugly blue sponge that sticks out like a sore thumb or the generic counter top spray are usually things that are kept hidden under the sink. Well we have great news! We have found a company that sells sustainable products that you will be thrilled to incorporate into your kitchen styling. GROVE COLLABORATIVE for the win! One of our favorite products from them are their counter top sprays. They come in color coded glass bottles (that can be reused again and again) and you simply fill them back up with water and the concentrated cleaning solution that can be purchased in packs of two. Genius right! 


Another one of our favorite products from Grove is their white tray. We use this for beautifully storing scrub brushes, cleaning sprays and even hand soap and lotion. The wood tones of the scrub brushes and sponges provide the perfect compliment to the wood bowls we love to use for fruit and vegetable storage.