Design 101



Ever dreamt of having a beach oasis in your bedroom? Well here is a bedroom that we designed with all the elements you need to create a beachy bedroom! There are a few key elements that brought this room together. Hints of blue, woven and rustic wood tones, and crisp whites brought this space to life. The original room was a blank slate with white walls, white furniture and not a lot of visual interest.


Our first step was blending different furniture pieces to create a cohesive look. A wood bed and a wood dresser bring in earthy tones while the sleek black and glass night stands ground either side of the bed. A canvas chair and floor length black mirror break up the large wall opposite the bed. Adding in accessories like the woven pendants that hang above each nightstand and a patterned vase with eucalyptus branches tie the space together. 





This kitchen palette is the perfect blend of neutrals. We started with a warm wood floor, went with a bright white on the cabinets and grounded the space with a dark kitchen island. We matched the finish colors on the faucet and the pendants and did a pop of black on the cabinet hardware for a little bit of drama. The warm grey counters and walls tie everything together.

237 F Ave-1.jpg


Design 101 // Custom Upholstery



Bungalow 56 custom upholstery line has arrived! From sofas, sectionals, chairs, headboards, pillows + poufs we have it all! When designing a space it can be tricky finding fabrics, patterns, and tones that all work together. Having the ability to choose from a variety of fabrics, woods, leathers and styles makes the designing possibilities endless!


We created interest in this living room by blending color and texture together. We did a linen fabric on the sofa, leather on the ottoman and a velvet with nail-heads on the chairs.


For the formal dining room we did custom slipcovered chairs. Not only are these chairs gorgeous but comfortable too! Win win!

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Design 101 // Vintage Rugs



There is just something so enticing about a good vintage rug. The subtle worn corners and muted colors with pops of vibrant knots weaved through-out tell a story of old and new. Imagining where a rug has been and the story it could tell is part of the intrigue. Our all time favorite vintage rug is a good Oushak rug. They can be seen in many of our projects styled in kitchens, bathroom and entry ways. Their muted color tones and subtle patterns make the fit seamlessly into any space. These rugs aren't as expensive as some of the Persian and Turkish vintage rugs and we find that they are a perfect fit for budgets and busy lifestyles of our clients. 


Vintage rugs provide a much needed softness, texture and pattern into spaces that are saturated with hard surfaces (i.e. kitchens and bathrooms). Another great place to incorporate a vintage rug is down a long hallway. It adds instant character and charm. 

We are firm believers that homes should be lived in and enjoyed so we always recommend purchasing a rug you love but at a price point that you won't be afraid to utilize in the main spaces of your home. If they are in a high traffic area of the home we suggest having them cleaned every couple of years by a professional, who can also mend any fraying edges. Keeping a little card on file with what type of rug, what year it was made, and where it was purchased is a fun way to continue the legacy of the rug and it's vintage story. 

Design 101 // Styling with Branches



One of our favorite styling tricks is to use a few branches to add height and a pop of green to any space. Fresh or faux it is the perfect way to spruce up your kitchen island, dining table or any flat surface that needs a little height. We are so excited to be carrying some of our favorite faux branches in our shop! 

We used a cluster of faux branches on this bar to give a pop of color. It was just what this space needed. 

We used a cluster of faux branches on this bar to give a pop of color. It was just what this space needed. 

Our Faux Tangerine Branches are the perfect addition to this kitchen island. 

Our Faux Tangerine Branches are the perfect addition to this kitchen island. 

In this kitchen we used fresh branches in a gorgeous vase from our shop. 

In this kitchen we used fresh branches in a gorgeous vase from our shop. 


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Design 101 // Sustainable Products


Styling a kitchen so that the pieces are beautiful and functional is sometimes a challenge. The ugly blue sponge that sticks out like a sore thumb or the generic counter top spray are usually things that are kept hidden under the sink. Well we have great news! We have found a company that sells sustainable products that you will be thrilled to incorporate into your kitchen styling. GROVE COLLABORATIVE for the win! One of our favorite products from them are their counter top sprays. They come in color coded glass bottles (that can be reused again and again) and you simply fill them back up with water and the concentrated cleaning solution that can be purchased in packs of two. Genius right! 


Another one of our favorite products from Grove is their white tray. We use this for beautifully storing scrub brushes, cleaning sprays and even hand soap and lotion. The wood tones of the scrub brushes and sponges provide the perfect compliment to the wood bowls we love to use for fruit and vegetable storage.