JESSICA NICOLLS // owner + principle designer

Jessica Nicolls began her design career at a young age working in her family's architecture firm. This started the fundamentals of her career, learning the basics of design pricipals, business structure and the creative process. She then attended the Art Institute of San Diego to pursue her love of Interior Design. She started her own design firm in 2010 and joined forces with Karyn to create Bungalow 56 in 2016.

She loves traveling, amazing food, textures, and being with her family and friends.

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KARYN FRAZIER // owner + principle designer

Karyn has been in the Design world for over 15 years, and has extensive background in the furniture industry. She has operated two design firms with large showrooms and been a principal designer with Bungalow 56 for 7 years.

In her spare time you can find her planning events, cooking, baking and exploring San Diego.

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Sarah manages Bungalow 56 shop where she handles all orders, purchases and buying coordinating and store merchandising. She recently graduated from Brandman University with a Bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership. She is passionate about using her interpersonal skills to curate the needs of shopping customers at our Coronado storefront location. She spends her off duty time hiking various trails in Southern California.  


noel dunham // Junior designer

Noel graduated with a Bachelor in Interior Design from the Art Institute of San Diego. She has a background in multifamily design and has successfully assisted project managers in all aspects of the design process. She is inspired by vintage furniture and eclectic patterns and colors and has a passion for finding creative solutions and problem solving. Her initiative is to create beautiful spaces that make you feel at home and have a backbone of functionality.

 On any given day off, you might find her water coloring, hiking with her puppy or at the movies seeing a new film.